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2008 Franco Vescovi created Bishop Rotary

A tattoo artist with 25 years in the industry, Franco is obsessed with creating advanced products that truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential.

It’s the most intimate form of art. In the face of a society just beginning to accept it, Bishop stood strong for over a decade believing in tattoo artists. They believe all passionate tattoo artists are part of the Bishop Family, because passion is their core.

Bishop keep prices as low as possible, while using only the best materials. Ready to begin your journey with Bishop Rotary?

Fonzy Greaskull, Carlos Torres, Nikko Hurtado, Bong, Horitaka Kitamura and Douglas Prudente are just a few names in the Bishop Rotary Pro Team.

Take a look around, you will surely find the right product for you! If you have questions about specific products, feel free to e-mail or call us.