Bonus account

What is the Bonus Account?

We would like to reward our customers for their loyalty! With our free bonus program you can benefit in the future with every purchase. Automatically, 2% of the total price (excl. delivery costs) will be credited to your bonus account with every purchase. With your next purchase you can then deduct the amount from your order or continue to accumulate until you wish to redeem the amount accordingly. You can find the current and accumulated amount in each case in your Skintools bonus account.

What do I need to benefit from the bonus program?

Very simple: To benefit from our bonus system, you need a Skintools login and you are ready to go!

How can I redeem my collected bonus amount?

The bonus amount you have collected will be displayed in the order process and can be selected for redemption before the order is completed.

How long is the collected amount on my bonus account valid?

The collected amount is valid for 1 year and can be redeemed at any time until then.

Does the bonus program also apply to existing sale offers?

Yes, the bonus program also applies to already reduced products.

Can the bonus program be cumulated with other vouchers?

No. The amount collected with the bonus program on your bonus account cannot be cumulated with other Skintools vouchers.