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Without a really good power supply you cannot do your job as a tattoo artist properly. You can't avoid this fact, and I'm sure you have noticed it more than once. The only question is, where can you get a great power supply without putting a small fortune on the table? Let's put it this way: You have come to the right place! At SkinTools, it is important to us to equip you comprehensively, with everything a tattoo professional needs. And a power supply unit is definitely one of them. If you want to buy Critical products from SkinTools, your Swiss supplier for tattooists, we will deliver excellent power supplies at a fair price.

Critical makes great power supplies

With Critical you get power supplies that are manufactured in Reno, in western Nevada, and that support your precision. In the company founded in 2005, all products are planned and developed in its own laboratory. The fine-tuning of the articles takes place in the electronics assembly and in the studio for the graphic design, the actual construction also takes place directly on site in the machine shop. Because the experts at Critical deal with their products on a daily basis, the result is outstandingly innovative products - and you can now buy them here at SkinTools in the online shop! You can get more information and details about all products by simply clicking on the desired picture of the respective power supply unit.