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Tattooing and environmental protection - is there an overlap? After all, as a professional, you know very well that you have to use disposable products that are not exactly kind to nature. Ecotat products are an exception. If you want to buy Ecotat products from SkinTools, your Swiss specialist dealer for tattoo accessories, you will find a whole range of articles from this manufacturer - for example, shelves for needle modules, surface covers and various protective covers for bottles and clip cords. In production, Ecotat does not use any products that are obtained from fossil fuels, but only raw materials that are of plant origin and therefore grow naturally.

Work in a nature-friendly way with Ecotat articles

To find out exactly about the Ecotat products that you can find in our range, it is best to read the accompanying text for the article. You can find this by simply clicking on the corresponding picture of the desired article. The protective sleeves for bottles, for example, are big enough to accommodate them while tattooing. The protective covers for the clip cords are also great for working. The shelves for the needle modules prevent the modules from lying around somewhere. And the surface protection is perfect for covering the workplace; If you want to reduce the size of the 120 x 90 centimeter film with a cut, this can be done without any problems.