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Carbon Black Tattoo Ink Sumi 1


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Buy Carbon Black Tattoo Ink Sumi 1

In our Carbon Black range, you can choose between eight Sumi inks, three liners and two fillers in a fine and harmonious gradation - so you can find your personal favorite black ink that perfectly suits your individual technique and taste.

In the production of Carbon Black Tattoo Ink, Carbon has used high-tech processes for processing and finishing to achieve the best available quality on the market. This results in maximum light fastness and stability of the pigments in the skin to satisfy you and your customers.

We are fully REACH compliant.

  • SUMI 1 10% light grey wash for silky shades
  • SUMI 2 20% light grey wash for soft realistic tattoo shades
  • SUMI 3 30% light gray all-round wash tone
  • SUMI 4 40% gray wash for transitions
  • SUMI 5 50% gray wash medium tone for realistic tattoos
  • SUMI 6 60% medium gray wash for all styles
  • SUMI 7 70% saturated medium gray shade for strong tones
  • SUMI 8 80% our darkest shade of gray - shaded to black
  • LINER 9 90% for black tattoos with fine lines
  • LINER 10 rich and black for bold lines
  • LINER 11 some like it darker - most saturated liner, also for filling
  • FILLER 12 thick & juicy - our pasty filling black
  • FILLER 13 liquid & smooth - our liquid filling black
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