Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm
Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm
Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm
Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm
Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm
Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm

Tattoo Armour wound pad (Large) 32x40cm

Easy and safe healing

Reduces scabbing

No more glue on your fresh wounds

Developed specifically for tattoo healing

Clean and comfortable

10 pcs.



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Buy Tattoo Armour (Large) 32x40cm

The Pads come in packs of 10 which should be enough for the most crucial part of the healing process (depending on the size of the tattoo of course).

Tattoo Armour will shield the tattoo against bacteria, germs, UV-light and dirt all of which could damage the new tattoo.

Tattoo Armour lets the tattoo breathe while absorbing the plasma and your customer can go about hes daily life without worrying about scabbing.

Instruction for your customer

Unwrap the wrapping from the tattoo as soon as you have an opportunity to wash it. Wash the tattoo with water and soap. Use a soap which is fragrance free & with a neutral pH level. When washing the new tattoo, no excess rubbing is needed, just a gentle wiping motion with your palm is enough, continue washing motions until all slime is gone and the skin does not feel slippery anymore.

After washing gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean household tissue paper. Using a towel is not recommended because they tend to hold bacteria from previous uses. After drying with tissues apply a small amount of ointment onto the tattoo – just enough so the skin can absorb it, without leaving a thick coat on top (otherwise the skin can’t breathe and heal). When wrapping the tattoo again for the night, make sure to put the wrapping around your tattoo tight. The wrapping should be in very close contact with the tattoo, so that there is no air between the wrapping and the tattoo. Seal the wrapping with tape, tight enough for it not to come loose during the night, but not so tight that you cut off blood circulation.


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