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Tattoo care foam

AUA Fee Ink Cleaning Foam (150ml)

* Sale to studios only. End consumers can buy their tattoo and piercing products from their trusted tattoo artist or from the online drugstore Kanela.

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A good tattoo artist knows this, of course: When doing your job, it's not just about the subject, but also about the well-being of the customer. The sting shouldn't be painful, and in the days after it's done, it is beneficial if the skin soothes quickly. There are a number of utensils that you can use for this. If you want to buy products from Aua Fee at SkinTools, your Swiss tattoo specialist shop, then you are right to rely on high-quality articles that you can use when tattooing and make your work easier. They are also valuable products to cleanse and protect your customers' skin.

Aua Fee is good for the skin when it comes to tattoos

The Shading Solution is a sterile solution with which you can dilute the tattoo ink, it has an astringent effect and soothes the skin. The liquid soap with sage, mint and lavender, on the other hand, cleanses your customers' skin while you are tattooing. You can also use it to remove blood and paint residues. The foam soap with sage, mint and lavender does exactly the same, while the plant-based tattoo butter with arnica has a positive effect on your customers' skin during the sting and reduces redness and swelling. Follow-up care with sage, tea tree, manuka and coconut also cleanses the skin, the tannins stop bleeding and soothe inflammation. In addition, the skin cells regenerate faster.