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If you haven't worked with the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges before, then it is high time to order and test these cases. Well-known tattoo artists like Alan Jiang from Taiwan, Miguel Bohiges from Spain and Goethe Silva from the USA swear by the craft cartridges, for a variety of reasons. Be it because the needles are not unnecessarily complicated, allow stable and safe work, adapt to the needs of the tattoo artist and leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and innovation. If you want to buy needles from Cheyenne Craft at SkinTools, your Swiss specialist for tattoo accessories, you too will have great experiences with this brand.

Cheyenne Craft needles for clean, hygienic and outstanding tattoos

At Cheyenne, the makers are based in one of the most creative metropolises in the world, always on the cutting edge, to develop tattoo equipment that is just good enough for you as a professional: in Berlin. The craft cartridges are available in 19 different configurations for the implementation of the vast majority of tattoo techniques from us in the SkinTools online shop. As an experienced tattoo artist, you can change the needles in a matter of seconds. The safety membrane prevents blood from entering the handle and cross-contamination. You can get more details about the individual craft cartridges by clicking on the respective picture.