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Intenze Tattoo Ink is a renowned tattoo ink brand, trusted by many professional tattoo artists worldwide. Founded by Mario Barth, a well-known tattoo artist and entrepreneur, the brand has built a reputation for quality and versatile tattoo inks.

Intenze Tattoo Ink offers a wide range of colours, including traditional shades, vibrant shades and special effect colours. The colors are carefully formulated to ensure high pigmentation and even distribution. They are easy to blend and allow tattoo artists to create a wide variety of hues and shades.

Intenze tattoo inks are known for their durability and longevity. They are formulated in such a way that they adhere well to the skin and still show vivid and clear colors even after years. The colors are also safe, which means they comply with applicable health and safety standards.

Intenze Tattoo Ink is used and recommended by many professional tattoo artists around the world. The brand has built a reputation for quality, reliability and creative possibilities.