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* Sale to studios only. End consumers can buy their tattoo and piercing products from their trusted tattoo artist or from the online drugstore Kanela.

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As an experienced tattoo artist, it is not only important to you how a tattoo looks like after it is finished. Sure, that's important, after all, the satisfaction of your customers depends almost entirely on the result. On the other hand, your customers are made of flesh and blood - and of course skin that is tattooed. And this is exactly where Dermalize Pro products come in. It's all about aftercare after tattooing, so the best and fastest possible healing of the skin that you are tattooing. If you want to buy Dermalize Pro products from SkinTools, your Swiss specialist for tattoo accessories and equipment, then you will definitely make your customers happy.

Dermalize Pro moisturizes and protects

The D-LIZE Pro Protective Tattoo Film is self-adhesive and offers the skin sufficient protection in the first stage of healing after tattooing. The film also helps prevent irritated skin from rubbing against clothing, and the strip is waterproof and creates an antibacterial barrier. Germs and pathogens cannot penetrate this way. The film is suitable for any part of the body because it is stretchable.

To learn more about Dermailze Pro, click the products. We at SkinTools would like to equip you comprehensively with high quality tattoo accessories - so that you can work perfectly and have satisfied customers.