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Ink Booster (250ml)

Ink Booster
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250ml CHF25.00
* Sale to studios only. End consumers can buy their tattoo and piercing products from their trusted tattoo artist or from the online drugstore Kanela.

Ink Booster supports a simpler processing of the tattoo ink into the skin and reduces redness.

Now replace petroleum products (such as vaseline) through the silicone and mineral oil free Ink Booster.

This cream for use during tattooing soothes the skin and thereby relieves pain, due to the special recipe. Ink Booster has a subtile vanilla scent, which is very pleasant for tattoo artists and their customers.

  • simpler processing of color
  • reduces skin redness
  • oothes the skin, relieves the pain
  • free of silicone and mineral oil

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