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ProntoLind® - Piercing Care Spray 75 ml

ProntoLind® - Piercing Care Spray

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75ml CHF3.30
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Prontolind "Spray" 75ml - optimal piercing care
From Swiss Warehouse

Prontolind provides expert knowledge from clinical research and practical use into the area of tattoo and piercing.

The included polyhexanide-betaine-complex is used clinically million times over. 

The ingredients are the first choice in wound treatment and the elimination of bacteria multiresistant germs.

  • for antimicrobial protection and fast healing with the unique Polyhexanide-Betaine-Complex
  • can be used painlessly on the entire body, also in the genital area an on mucous membranes
  • protect skin and mucous membranes without drying them out
  • can also be used for daily cleansing and care of jewellery and piercing hole after the piercing has healed
  • are free of alcohol, phenols and parfumes and so ideal to be used by allergy sufferers
  • are ready-to-use and best for care of fresh piercing jewellery at home

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