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If you take a look at the selection that we offer you on our website, you will quickly see why the Name Eternal Ink is appropriate: the selection is huge! You can find 125 great colors in our online shop, as well as a keep-it-wet solution to keep the colors fresh, as well as two sets that contain several different colors, once 12 shades and once 25. When you click on the sets click to find out which colors are included. If you plan to buy Eternal Ink colors at SkinTools, your Swiss online shop, you will receive reliable colors in bottle sizes of 30 milliliters.

Eternal Ink is a color paradise

You can also order some selected colors in sizes of 60, 120 and 240 milliliters. What is more decisive for your work is that the workmanship of the colors is outstanding and that they look brand new even after years.

We have tried to show the colors for you on the monitor as they actually look - sometimes slight deviations are possible. Don't take this seriously; As a tattoo professional, you certainly know that color impressions are often influenced by the light in the surroundings.