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Solid Ink - Black Label Set Solid Ink - Black Label Set 2
Solid Ink

Solid Ink - Black Label Set

Solid Ink
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30ml (1oz) CHF65.00
120ml (4.1oz) CHF155.00
The set includes 4 bottles: Dark Shading, Medium Shading, Light Shading, Extra Light Shading
From Swiss Warehouse

Solid Ink is one of the best inks on the market. Made by tattooer Federico Ferroni. Committed in making the most solid pigments possible, using natural ingredients. Solid Ink is based out of Miami, but Federico has been tattooing with this blend of pigments around the world for years.

SOLID INK has been gaining ground for years in Tattoo Studios worldwide, due to it's extraordinary Quality. Finally THE SOLID INK found it's certified new home in Europe, too. CTL-Bielefeld Certificat available.